About Us

ESCALE has been working with recovery and reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures since 2000.
The material we use for structural reinforcement is externally bonded carbon fiber fabric with epoxy resin.
ESCALE carried out about 3,800 m2 of such reinforcement until July 2009.
The carbon fiber fabric is imported by ESCALE from Taiwan, where it is manufactured by TEI / TTC. The epoxy resin is made in Brazil by TRIEPOX.
ESCALE has been a representative of TEI / TTC in Brazil since 2006. Besides carbon fiber fabrics, TEI / TTC also manufactures fiberglass and aramid fiber fabrics.
In 2008 we took the partnership with FIBERTECH in order to design and manufacture pieces made of carbon fiber fabric. Giving specific courses about such manufacture is part of that partnership. Carbon fiber laminates used for the reinforcement of concrete bridges is one of our products; the process that is employed is the Near Surface Mounted (NSM), which is very common in the United States. ESCALE has used it on a Linha Amarela Viaduct in Rio de Janeiro.
Carbon fiber hoods for sports cars are another kind of product resulting from the partnership between ESCALE and FIBERTECH.